This is the most traditional wedding outfit, and it has seen a huge revival in recent years. Choose the Morning Tailcoat for timeless, formal elegance during the day.

We offer Morning Tails in a variety of colours and options. We keep black, navy, or charcoal herringbone in the shop, and can have mohair Morning Tails outfits ordered in in other colours. The Morning Tailcoat is a knee-length coat that tapers away from the midriff (which creates the ‘tails’ effect) and is usually worn with striped trousers. A full outfit will consist of jacket, trousers, shirt, waistcoat, cravat and cufflinks, and you may choose to add a top hat if you so desire. We also offer the Morning Tails in other, less complete packages. 

As with all our wedding customers, if this is the outfit for you we encourage you to contact us for an appointment. Any questions? Read through the FAQs, or give us a call.