Made to Measure

Have a suit made perfectly to your measurements and taste

Our made to measure service offers you the ability to have a suit made perfectly to your measurements and taste. Pick from hundreds of Saville Row cloths from Holland and Sherry, let us measure you, and enjoy the results. 

Henry’s has more than fifty years of experience with bespoke clothing, and would love to help you design the piece of clothing you’ve always wanted.  

How does the process work?

Come in for a consultation, and we will help you pick out exactly what you want and measure you. We send off the details to our made to measure company, and they make it to your specifications with traditional techniques. Once done, we will hold it for you until you can pick it up!

What can I expect when I go in for a made to measure item?

When you come in for a made to measure suit, please be sure to budget plenty of time – it usually takes roughly an hour. Together, we’ll help you select your cloth, and then the style of the piece. You’ll also be able to make decisions on what sort of pockets an item has, whether there are working cuffs or not, buttonhole design, style of belt loop, and even more, to ensure that you have a piece that is truly customised. Lastly, a full measure will be taken – this is a bit more involved than the traditional measurements, so don’t be surprised!

How long does it take?

Four to six weeks, but it can vary depending on the time of year.

What items of clothing can I have made to measure?

We make suits, jackets, waistcoats, trousers and overcoats. A variety of styles are available for all of these items.

Why made to measure?

First of all, the obvious – a superior fit, tailored to your own requirements. With this, you will have your own unique garment, made exactly how you wish it to exacting standards by master tailors. Secondly, quality – these items are made from the best cloths and meant to last as timeless pieces in your wardrobe. Finally, it’s a chance to partake in tradition.

Holland and Sherry fabric being hand cut. 

Every detail is checked, and checked again.

A suit jacket in progress.

Holland & Sherry boast the finest cloths in the world - and they mean it!

Every detail can be chosen.

A glimpse of a finished product.